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We need your support, why?

Community based project

We are an independent organization created by parents and educators that relies mainly on parents contributions and volunteers.

Our team is deeply committed to find the financial support the project needs for a sustainable development, through different sources of fundraising and grants.

The more we get external support, the less we would need to rely on parents tuition fees, and therefore, we could be more accessible to all children.

The importance of nature education

In a city like Brussels, many children suffer from an underexposure to nature and green spaces. Spending time outdoor and access to greener areas is becoming a privilege not everyone has access to.  BOS would like to challenge such inequality by supporting the right to every child to access to outdoor learning experiences and benefit from contact with nature.

We always look for ways to make our activities more accessible for families. So far, we have been able to allocate few free places in Graines de BOS and in our holiday camps to families who are not able to pay the fees and we also try to find work/volunteering exchanges as a way of reducing the fees. But we want to do much more!



Investing in BOS is investing in the future

Our goal is to support children to grow connected with the world they live in, and to learn to love and respect the Earth.  Raising a generation of caring children, conscious of the environment and respectuos of Mother Earth is the best gift we can do to our planet!

Moreover, being aware that our kids are growing up in a fast changing world, we are investing in their personal growth and well-being by promoting the development of  fundamental skills as autonomy, problem solving, collaboration and self-awareness.

So how can you help?

All donations are welcome

Large or small, your donation helps BOS grow!

Every donation helps us reach more children, gives us the oppurtunity to start more inclusive programs, cover parts of our working costs and much more.

BOS bank account:

BE52 3631 7113 4009   (BBRUBEBB ) Brussels outdoor school vzw/asbl

Sponsor us

You can offer one day (37 euro) , one month (150 euro) or one term (750 euro) of BOS forest school to a child whose family cannot afford it!

You can also sponsor one of our educators, our materials etc...

Please contact us by email to discuss with us other sponsoring options!



Get involved

If you have time and energy to support BOS as a volunteer you are more than welcome to join the community!

You could become part of one of our working-groups, according to your talents and curiosity (fundraising, communication, pedagogy, external-relations etc...) . Contact us by email to know more!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions , ideas or requests...

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"Whatever landscape a child is exposed to early on, that will be the sort of gauze through which he or she will see all the world afterwards"

~ Wallace Stegner