BOS stages

BOS stages

Yes ! yes ! Yes ! Tis van da , On y va ! We have a lot of good news coming soon, let's start with a small part of it....

After our first succefull stage in October the team decided to continue on this flow, at the moment we are preparing our next stage that will take place in February (24/02 until 28/02) and later in the year during the first week of Easter hollidays (6/4 until 10/4). The stages will be lead by Margherita and Kevin who will take the kids on full discovery tour in the forest.

For more info on the registration and practical info for the stage CLICK HERE

During the stages the kids will explore nature and their own creative talents. This can be during activities proposed to the kids by the educators or during free play moments where the kids are encouraged by the educators to take charge of the activities and invent their own games.We will establish the activities taking into account the age, interests, and needs of the group to give you an idea some of the proposed activities will include: trees discovery, clay activities in the nature, land art, gardening, storytelling in the forest cave, mindfulness activities, cooking atelier, building an insect house, music atelier with natural objects.

As in all BOS activities our underlying focus is stimulating autonomy, empathy, co-operation  and giving each child the time to find her or his place in the goup.

forest discovery

Quote October stage

"My kid enjoyed the stage a lot and she even had tears on next days because there was no more forest school for her.

Smiles and happiness were on her face today when I showed her the pictures and report from the stage"

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Tree climbing

Practial Info :

For kids from 3 to 8 years old, bilingual formula Dutch and French (educators also speak Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese).

When 24/02 until 28/02, 6/4 until 10/4 from 8.30 to 16.00. A (paid) daycare can be organised if necessary.

Where Brussels Outdoor School (Rue au Bois 365b, Woluwe St. Pierre)

Price: 185 euros (for the 5 days), please do not hesitate to contact us if you find the amount too expensive for your family, we will be happy to try and find a solution together.

More info ?

Check the website HERE

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