Enrolment procedure

For children who are already enrolled in our school, we keep a priority place for 2021-22 re-enrollment until May 15th. Parents of children already enrolled at BOS must submit the registration form no later than May 15th to keep their priority.

We accept new applications year-round, if there are places available.

Here are the steps of our enrolment process!

1) Learn as much as possible about our educational approach, get informed and adhere to the values of the BOS school. We suggest as essential resources to accompany you in this research, the reading of the following books :

  • “Free to learn” by Peter Gray
  • “Free at last” by Daniel Greenberg
  • “Les Enfants des Bois” by Sarah Wauquiez
  • Watch the documentary “Being and becoming” and “L’autre connexion”

2) Register on this online form to schedule a meeting with one of our staff members.

3) Read the registration file (containing the pedagogical charter, the school’s operating rules and other and other documents that we ask you to read and sign before June 30th 2021).

4) Join our info session scheduled on 12th May 2021 from 7pm to 8.30pm. Register by sending an email to to receive the zoom link.

5) Schedule an admission meeting where parents and children should be present, in order to discuss our pedagogy, and the role of parents and children in our school.

6) Pay the registration fee (starting at 175 euro) and the first instalment of the tuition fee (first month or term) by June 30th, 2021.

⚠️ The place for the child will only be reserved after the payment of enrollment fee + first month fee and the submission of the signed “application pack”.



Part-time option

A limited number of places are reserved for children who want to attend the BOS school part-time (2 or 3 days a week). This particular possibility is discussed with the parents at the time of the first meeting. Acceptance of this possibility will also depend on the child’s capability to adapt to the school rules even if lived discontinuously.

Probation period

For all new registrations, there is a two-week trial period. This period is an opportunity for the child to have a sufficiently long experience in the school for the child to know if he/she wants to join the school or not. For the school and its members, it is a time to For the school and its members, it is a time to see if we feel comfortable with this new member.

If we are all willing to continue the adventure, you can confirm the registration.
Trial period fee: 325€ (to be paid at the latest on the first day of the trial period).

  • Non-refundable in case of withdrawal from the family even from the first day
  • If the trial period is transformed into a registration, this fee will be deducted from the total amount.

In order to guarantee the best possible support for all, the school – being aware of the limits of its support capacity the right to admit a limited number of children with special needs. Parents are asked to be transparent about their child’s special needs.

Disenrollment and exclusions

In the event that a family chooses to unenroll their child(ren) from the BOS Democratic School during the current school year, there will be no refund. The reason for this choice is the limited number of places in our school and the long waiting list. The family can withdraw at any time with a 7 week notice by sending an e-mail to It is important to respect this notice in order to allow the team to the team to prepare for the child’s departure.

The BOS Democratic School reserves the right to exclude children during the year if the child or his/her family is not able to respect the rules and values of the school. For example:

  • In the event that a child exhibits behaviors that are dangerous to themselves, others, or for others or for the environment,
  • in the case where the educational team realizes that it does not have the skills to accompany a child in his or her learning (difficulty in acquiring sufficient autonomy, difficulty in respecting the rules of the school, difficulty in respecting the rules of the school, difficulty in accessing the principle of mediation, etc.),
  • in the case where the family does not respect the values of the school and the expected posture (see paragraph on the parents’ attitude).

In case of exclusion of the child during the year by decision of the educational team, the commitment commitment is terminated without notice and we will proceed to a reimbursement of the school fees, calculated in proportion to the time spent in the school.

Volunteer and financial commitment 2021-2022

By registering your child, you are making a volunteer and financial commitment.

Volunteer involvement

Enrolling your child/children at BOS means being part of a living community that needs everyone’s support for its development and sustainability.

Indeed, in order to ensure the sustainability and development of our school, both economically and humanly, the team that brings the school to life on a daily basis needs the active support of parents and families at large.

We are asking parents for 100 hours of volunteer work over the entire year that can be distributed as you wish :

  • 2 hours per week over the 12 months of the year including school vacations
  • 3 hours per week during school periods
  • 1 day every two weeks
  • etc, etc…

To be carried out in the way you wish:

  • With the children, during a workshop, in support of the team, to ensure a daycare at the end of the day, during a special At the end of the day, during a special outing, to do the daycare during the pedagogical days…
  • To implement the role(s) you have chosen in the different circles (support, visibility, pedagogy)
    NB: these hours are to be done OUTSIDE of the different meetings around your child or involvement as a parent. E.g.: parents’ coffee and individual meetings with the team, etc. These hours are not considered as volunteer hours.

We also emphasize the evolving nature of volunteer involvement. For this year, the pedagogical team has decided by the pedagogical team and responds to the necessary comfort of the functioning of the BOS
school. It can be readjusted according to needs.

However, as not all parents are in a position to make a concrete contribution, they are asked to take a stand at the parents are asked to make a contribution at the time of registration. If parents are unable to commit to 100 hours of volunteer work, they are asked to 100 hours of volunteer work, it is possible to pay for the hours not worked at 10 euros per hour.

Financial commitment

Since the school does not receive any state aid, the operating costs (rent, salaries, etc.) are covered by the tuition fees.

The enrollment fee for the BOS School is set at 175 euros (this is a minimum amount requested, but parents can donate more). This amount will be used to contribute financially to the opening of the school (extraordinary expenses, materials, reparations, etc…). Children already enrolled at BOS School do not have to pay this fee.

The fee system has been developed in accordance with the fundamental principles of BOS, which are, among others :

  • the quality of our educational project in a safe environment
  • the right to a fair and equitable salary for our staff
  • the effort to be as affordable as possible for families.

For the 2021/2022 school year, we are very happy to announce that we decided to reduce our fees. We also provide a 20% discount for the second and subsequent children. Prices for part-time students are calculated gradually.

Recognizing that this price is still very high for most families, our team is currently working to raise funds to allow discounts for families who cannot afford this price.

We invite anyone interested in making the BOS school more inclusive to contact us and join our fundraising circle!

Beyond this point, if the BOS team is looking for specific skills (for more than 10 hours per month) we can also set up a system of compensation (work-minerval exchange).

If you have any questions regarding financial and volunteer commitments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The registration fee and the first instalment of the tuition fee (the first month or quarter depending on the schedule) must be paid by June 30, 2021.