Graines de BOS


It is the fourth year that BOS school runs the learning programme: “Graines de BOS” - every wednesday of the week of Forest School. Our pedagogical approach aims at developping emotional, personal and social skills through the discovery of nature.

Brussels outdoor school

Key Features

Wednesday group: 3 to 7 years old from September 2021 - June 2022

- as much time as possible outdoors

-mixed-age group

- bilingual (dutch and french)

- free play and child-led learning

- respect of  each child’s uniqueness

- respecting every child's authonomy, curiosity and rythm

Brussels outdoor school , kids in the woods


These activities have been suspended for the time being. Should they be relaunched, it will be announced on the BOS facebook page (see Contact), even under the new facebook name QUEST. Don't hesitate to subscribe on Facebook to stay updated.

Brussels outdoor school

Practical info

The cost of a one day a week programme is 37 euro per day, 150 euro per month.

We are aware that our fees are still high, and that this might be an obstacle for many families willing to join our project.  At the moment BOS is still depending on parents contributions but we are looking for fundings and subsidies so that in the future we can be affordable for everyone.  Sometimes we are in the conditions to allow a price reduction as exchange of volunteering.


Brussels outdoor school

Day Schedule

The day at Graines de BOS starts at 8:30 and ends at 15:30.

We establish activities taking into account ages, interests, and needs of the group. This gives every child the opportunity to find her / his place in the group at their own speed. Therefore, no one day is the same at BOS, as we listen to the children's interest and we follow their curiosity every day.

We have the option to provide paid day-care after the activities, contact us if you want to discuss this option.





After two great years spent in Rouge Cloitre (Auderghem), we  moved to a new magical location: the Domain of Manoir d'Anjou (Woluwe St. Pierre) . Thanks to Les Fraternités du Bon Pasteur we found a perfect place where we can develop our activities and really build a home for BOS! Today all of BOS activities are suspended until further notice. BOS has always wanted to offer affordable options for families, but even with the help of many donations and volunteers, it is been impossible to have enough staff without significantly increasing the tuition prices.  The team would like to focus all their energy on research projects and policy change within the European Union. Find out more at



Participation as a parent

Our parents are the engine of our community!

At BOS, parents are always welcome: we encourage parents to get involved in all the aspects of the project: from the governance of our organization, to fundraising, cooking, or joining  our forest adventures! Feel free to contact us if you want to help out or support the project in any way!