Brussels Outdoor School (BOS) was founded in 2017 with the goal of reconnecting children with nature and creating educational programme where every child is respected as a competent, unique person, encouraged of following her/his curiosity and passions.

Since the beginning BOS has organized two full days a week bilingual outdoor programme, extra curricula activities in nature, while at the same time working for the creation of a 5 days a week democratic forest school.

In 2020 BOS opened for 5 days a week and this project survived thanks to many donations, including from the research team.

BOS has always wanted to offer affordable solutions to families, and after 2 years, the project could no longer sustain itself nor could it hire the extra staff needed to fully cater to the older children’s needs. The school activities are now suspended until further notice. The team would like to dedicate all of their focus on the research projects, and working on policy change in order to have a real impact for the future of quality and regenerative education in Europe. The organisation is therefore changing and has a new name: Quality Education in Europe for Sustainable Social Transformation (QUEST). To stay tuned, please visit us at www.quest-eu.org

Our committed team and our passionate community is growing….join us!

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