At BOS we always do our best to associate our values to our practice.  Promoting a democratic education – where children and adults are bonded by trust and respect, not by authority and fear – means living these values in all the aspects of our organization.

Bearing in mind this awareness, BOS wants to be a laboratory of collective governance, where our children can learn that taking decisions does not imply that someone dominates over others, that someone speaks louder or that someone has positions of power. It is therefore important for BOS to use decision-making methods that are inclusive, that allow all members of a group to feel secure and heard.

Since 2017, BOS is constituted as a non-profit organization, and follows this legal structure having a Board of Directors and a General Assembly.

Further to this, BOS is also in a continuous reflection towards a collective governance structure, believing that the participation of all our community at an equal level  (employees, volunteers, board members, etc..) and a greater decentralization of decision-making allows a more efficient and healthy organization.

In our evolving structure – inspired by sociocracy –  different working groups (circles) organize themselves, make decisions and apply them in a sovereign manner, within the framework of their roles and responsibilities. Everyone, regardless of their status, can take part in one of these circles.

Our active circles/working groups are: pedagogy, fundraising, communication, legal, finance, external relations and community. Moreover, we also have a school “funding team”, a circle whose mission is to facilitate the opening of BOS School.

The coordinator is the responsible of the harmonization and communication among all these groups.

Broader issues, or issues that concern fundamental aspects of BOS, are discussed in the “core group” (coordinator and competent board members, according to the subject raised).

In all our working groups and in the “core group”, we try to bring the collective intelligence to life and decision-making process based on consent.

This transition is only just beginning, we are living it on a daily basis among children and adults at BOS!

We are also aware that we are an evolving project, that is nourished by our mistakes and improvements!

If you want to take part of any of our working groups (pedagogy, fundraising, communication, legal, finance, external relations and community), don’t hesitate to contact us!