School Life

what does a normal school day look like?

At BOS school children from 3 to 12 year old (for the moment) can have the time and freedom to grow up and become self-aware and autonomous adults.

Children arrive at school between 8.30 am-9.30 am and leave school at 3.30 pm (a daycare takes place from 3.30-5.30pm). The day starts with a morning circle at 9.30 am, where children and adult staff members welcome each other around an “emotional wheather” of the day and propose morning activities for the rainbows (3-6 years old) and the smurfs (6-12 years old). We then have lunch together at 12pm and a calm moment/quiet time before starting the clubs at 1.30pm. At 3pm we start tidying up and then we start the end of the day circle.

We offer formal and informal education : music, science workshop, math, skateboard, building workshops, theater, music, French, Dutch, gardening and much more … We have different fixed spaces : the smurf rooms, the relaxation room (yoga, reading, meditation), the painting and art corner, the participative kitchen and an outdoor space (garden and craft space). There is also a skills market every 3 months to re-evaluate the children’s need, new interests and clubs in order to search for experts (educators, parents, external volunteers to animate the clubs). Every week, children participate in the management of the school in the different organs of the school (Morning Circles, Conseil d’Ecole, Mediation Committee).

Starting from the principle that every learning process is fruitful only if coming from a real interest, every child can decide what to do during the day, in order to allow space and time for every child curiosity to flourish.  Children can profit from the experiences of others, and join together interest clubs or creating committees on a special issue.

Adult staff members are on-site at all times and are there to ensure students’ well-being and safety.  They are also available to facilitate learning or discussion, inspire activities, or to support children with accessing the resources they need.

At BOS School we take every opportunity of learning outside the 4 walls of our building: we spend as much time as children want outdoor, taking advantage of the beautiful garden and private parc that we have access to. Moreover, we also enjoy opportunities to collaborate with the different realities that are close to our place at the Fraternites du Bon Pasteur and to be immersed in the real life of the city of Brussels.

In this environment, children can do what they are really passionate about and develop their talents. They can also acquire competencies that will be very useful all along their life: self-awareness (what do they like, what are they good at), setting goals and find ways to accomplish them, live and cooperate with people with different ages.